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Ventures Middle East

Ventures Middle East
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United Arab Emirates
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Post Box No. 643708 Dubai United Arab Emirates

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The Ventures Onsite Features

Projects are identified right from its early study/design stages, and followed through its life cycle until the construction is completed and handed over.

Get construction leads come to you daily

Login and find new projects everyday or get alerted by emails
Be among the first to be informed

Get notified as and when the Main/EPC Contractor or MEP Contractor is appointed
Details Drilled Down

Identify major Sub-consultants, Sub-contractors and major SUPPLIERS as and when appointed/available
Track projects on the go!

With GoProjects! The Construction Project Tracking App you can find projects using your Android or Apple device
Advanced Search

Easy advanced search to locate information as you need. Narrow down your searches using Project Type, Project Status, City, Budget, Project Trees and many more search filters

Projects in 7 Construction Industries, 18 MENA region countries; Starting from Planning >> Bidding >> Construction >> to Finish; Companies, Including Key Contacts (like PM’s, Site Office Numbers, etc…) and detailed Project Timelines

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