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Byrne Equipment Rental

Byrne Equipment Rental
Business Type :
Heavy Vehicle Service
Place of Origin :
United Arab Emirates
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P.O.Box 50283 Dubai, U.A.E.

About Company

Byrne Equipment Rental was founded in the UAE in the early 1990s and since then has grown to become one of the largest plant and equipment rental companies in the Middle East. We have over 800 employees and 15 offices covering the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

Our business focuses on the rental needs of a wide range of industries including construction, oil & gas, events, industrial and facilities management.

Totalling over 10,000 items, our mechanical and non-mechanical fleets include power generation, compressed air, welding equipment, temporary buildings and operated plant.

We stock a variety of equipment to meet your rental needs, however if we don’t have it we will
make every effort to either acquire it or source it for you to rent.​

​​Who we are

Alongside our sister company Spacemaker (trading as Byrne Technical Services in KSA), we are one of the largest rental organisations in the GCC.

Why rent equipment?

There are many reasons to rent, rather than buy equipment, particularly in industries with a need to reduce operating costs.

Service excellence

Our experienced sales teams are the face of Byrne, offering appropriate solutions and technical expertise to meet the varied requirements of our customers.

Dedicated installation crews ensure all equipment is correctly supplied and installed while our 24/7 service and support desk is available to respond to any on site issue. Our off-hire and collection crews disconnect Byrne equipment and remove it from the site in liaison with the customer's site personnel.

Byrne customers can expect a consistent level of excellent service throughout the countries and industry sectors we operate in.

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